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People, I give you the team:

Justin Phelan - Co-Founder and front-end development guru. He is the rubber band that holds us all together, melding Stephen's bleeps and bloops and Aaron's teary eyed color choices into a cohesive unit of awesomeness.

Aaron Harlow - Co-Founder and all things design and marketing. I spend 80% of my time designing and marketing, 10% of my time whining about my feelings...I'm 10% short, I don't know what happened.

Stephen Smith - Our resident caffeine-to-code factory. Unfortunately nobody can really understand him because he talks in 1s and 0s.

How we got started

Our founding company Blackwood Media Group got it's feet wet in the music services pool a few years ago with a now defunct site called We spent years developing and marking the first ever mailing list provider specifically for musicians. We certainly learned a lot and made many mistakes through that experience.

Over the years we have done a lot of work with musicians doing everything from graphic and web design to recording and marketing. We began to notice a pattern in the many problems that musicians faced everyday. We began to experiment and build on ideas and solutions until, eventually, Bombplates was born.

We would constantly hear musicians describe how they needed a website that would allow them to present themselves and their music in a professional way, affordably (which usually means a weeks pay or less for many "starving" artists we know), and it had to look great. That's what Bombplates is about - marrying function and beauty in a band website without breaking the bank.

It is certainly a labor of love - one we look forward to everyday.

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Posted: June 9, 2011
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