5 Takeaways from @AmericanaFest

A few days ago, the city of Nashville was overrun by banjo pluckers, guitar pickers and upright bass players (I had nothing clever for that one).

This sounds like the typical day in Nashville, but this was different. 

This was the Americana Music Festival. It's like SXSW for Folk.

Each year the Americana Music Association puts on a spectacular event for the Americana community. Its large enough to feature some world-class talents, yet small enough to not lose its "roots" (bad pun).

This year our parent company and sponsor of the AMA, MCN Interactive, decided it was time to participate in one of the premier events headquartered in our city.

They sent us.

For those of you who attended the conference portion of the festival and strolled through the exhibit hall, you probably met me or my colleague Michelle. More than likely you ate some of our smarties (good call Michelle).

It was great to speak with musicians and offer some advice on ways to improve their presence online.

These are our top 5 observations:

  1. If YOU don't like autoplay, why would THEY?  - Please. Don't. Autoplay.
  2. Video is King - Next time you go to a site and there is an option to watch a video, read, or play a song, which do you choose first? Video takes real estate and commands attention.
  3. Facebook does not supplant a website - On average 1-2% of your Facebook "fans" actually see your posts. Why? Cause you didn't pay. (That's not the only reason, but they have to make money somehow!)
  4. Musicians without music - Oh your band has a website! Awesome! Where's the music?
  5. Shameless Plug - We are past the point of the non-CMS website. While we would love to have you, we won't be offended if your buddy builds your site. Just make sure you can edit it in the future!



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Posted: October 2, 2013
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