Audio Player Updated : HTML5 2.0

Sell music directly from your player!

The most important part of an artist's career is a no brainer: their music.

It is the music that creates fans and gives an audience the connection it's looking for.

While dominated by a few major outlets there are TONS of places an artist can sell their music online. Each of them have pro's & con's for the artist, but the important thing is to make it easy for fans to find your music and purchase at their convenience.

With mobile's dominance in the music sphere, it is important to focus on this experience from fans & artists alike. To begin the transition to the mobile-first world, a few months ago we updated the player from flash to HTML5.

The player is now built to accommodate music sales through your favorite distro services!

This is a working model of the updates we pushed live today

All you have to do is input the link when uploading a track to the player. We'll take care of the rest.

Get linking! Get selling!


p.s. ...there is more to come on the mobile front

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Posted: August 13, 2013
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