Avoiding Scams on the Interwebs

As the internet (including and especially social media) becomes more and more a daily part of people’s lives, and more and more business moves online, learning to spot and avoid scams becomes more and more an important. Your band doesn’t need to achieve much success at all before bottom feeders will start to emerge and try to get what little money you have.

I’ve often said that in a gold rush, the only guy who consistently makes money is the one selling the shovels. Your band is your gold mine. You want to make sure that you only spend your money on quality, useful shovels (like Bombplates!).

So here is the number one rule for avoiding scams: follow the money. Scammers usually try to get you with an offer that’s too good to be true. They’ll sell you services at pennies on the dollar; they’ll give you great promotion for absolutely free and “no risk” to you; they’ll claim to just want to help struggling musicians out of the goodness of their hearts.

The trick is, if they weren’t planning on making money, they wouldn’t even contact you. If someone contacts you with a “great deal,” and you can’t figure out how that person is making money off of the exchange, it’s almost sure to be a scam. Maybe it’s hidden fees; maybe it’s a shady tax situation; or maybe it’s outright theft or fraud. Regardless, you don’t want to be involved!

If someone wants to sell you something, you know where they’re coming from, and you just need to make sure the price is right and the contract is good. If someone wants to give you something for free, you’d better have a darn good reason to trust them before you agree!



Stephen is the lead programmer for Bombplates. He's also in a whole bunch of awesome bands that you should listen to.

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Posted: September 16, 2013
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