Bombplate of the Week: The Bots!

I must say, when we were deciding on our Bombplate of the Week, it takes a bit of searching to find someone that I think is just right for that week. When I was perusing our list of users this fine morning I stumbled upon these guys, and might I say, I was blown away.


We at Bombplates are very proud to present our Bombplate of the Week: The Bots!



Back to my story,


I mean, seriously, these guys are 14 and 18 years old?

How are they even a band?

…..that’s freaking sweet!

Between you and me, I love rock music. It’s what I grew up on. Here at Bombplates we get a huge variety of genres in our clients, but I have not seen many rock acts. That is what initially got me intrigued in checking these guys out. The age thing hit me later and I was floored.

Regardless of their age, The Bots have already released 1 album and 2 singles, and are currently working on their second full-length album. From listening to their music and researching their catalog, it seems that their song Northern Lights is what kick started their rise to fame. The music video is very Jack and Meg White-esque; Mikaiah on guitar and vocals while Anaiah is on drums and background vocals. That’s all there is to The Bots, too: guitar, drums and vocals. Three sounds that meld together to make awesome music.

Currently The Bots are touring all over Europe, playing at festivals, and exploring the world.


With their music, their youth and their love of great music, these guys are destined to be great!

Congrats again, The Bots!


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Posted: July 2, 2013
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