Bombplate of the Week: Gunnar and The Grizzly Boys!

Who doesn’t love some good country music to party to? Here at Bombplates, we ask that question to every single person who walks in the door, and to this day we have not yet found somebody who doesn’t.


Our Bombplate of the Week is a group of fun-lovin Michigan boys. We are proud to present...Gunnar and The Grizzy Boys!

These Michigan natives bring the party wherever they go, especially when they are on stage and especially when they’re playing shows around their beloved home state, Michigan.


Each and every one of the members of Gunnar and The Grizzly Boys have a background story full of roots to their hometown, giving their music depth and meaning while still riling up their fans to have a good time. They love being on stage performing and just having a good time with each other, isn’t that what being a rock star’s supposed to be like anyways?


 Gunnar (of the Grizzly’s) writes all of their music, saying how he grew up on a farm, so he knows what it means to work hard. He learned at a young age the meaning of hard days work, and soon learned sought-after ability balance work-and-play.  He started writing songs at a young age while sitting on top of a tractor while working, being inspired by the land around him and the life he grew up in. His inspiration comes from his roots, just as it comes by the rest of the Boys.


The boys formed their band during their college years at Michigan State University, being drawn together by their love of music, and their love of their beloved Michigan.


They recently signed with Average Joes Management, an artist management company out of our very own Nashville, making these boys as much of a part of our city as they are a part of Michigan. Maybe they’ll start looking fondly at us, too. Fingers crossed, of course.


So, still looking for a fun-loving country band to follow? Look no further; the Grizzly Boys are coming for ya.


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Posted: June 26, 2013
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