Bombplate of the Week : Matt Caldwell!

I don’t know about you guys, but there is something about summer that makes me want to sit by a lake and listen to country music. When we chose Matt Caldwell as our featured Bombplate this week, I knew I had to hit the lake, ASAP.


Congrats, Matt! You’re our Bombplate of the week!


Matt was born and raised in a small town in the heart of Texas where he grew up developing his passion for music. He started young by playing at his church, but school eventually got in the way and his focus turned to sports instead of music. However, during his senior year of high school he turned his entire focus on music, starting out with his band “Texas’ Most Wanted.” After a few years playing and touring with these guys, Matt realized that creating music was all he wanted to do with his life.


Like many aspiring country stars, Matt moved to Nashville with the desire to turn this dream into a reality, and currently he is touring all over Texas this summer.




When I first sat down and listened to Matt’s music, the first think I though was that he is definitely true country music, and he very much reminded me of Kenny Chesney. From his crisp, clear vocals to the guitar and horns he uses in some of his songs, it really is the epitome of summer music in my opinion. This is especially true for his most current radio single “I Know Mexico”, which debuted in early June. The single is off his is most recent album “What Cowboys Do” which released last October.


Matt is still fresh in his career, making it extremely exciting to research his music this closely. He has a great sound that is true to his Texan roots, which will continue to develop as his career develops. I can’t wait to see what he releases next, but all I have to say that it is well worth the anticipation that he is creating.


Congrats again, Matt!!


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Posted: July 25, 2013
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