Bombplate of the Week : Petula Beckles!

Being in the Music City, where the Grand Ole Opry resides, and CMA fest is held. We get a great deal of country artists. Which is indeed fitting because of our local demographic. However, I love getting the chance to spotlight artists that stand apart musically from some of our other users. Petula Beckles, with her breath-taking gospel music is one of those artists.

Congratulations, Petula! You’re our Bombplate of the Week!



Petula was born in Tobago West Indies, where she began to nurture and develop her passion for music. She started as many musicians do, singing in church. There, Petula began to explore gospel and jazz music, where she found her heart. Petula came to the States when she accepted a full scholarship to Navarro College in Texas.


What I think is awesome about Petula’s career is that it is not only about herself and her music. She realized after college that her passion was with children and became a Baby Nurse. Through this experience, she felt called to minister through her music, which she began to do full time in 2007.


The concept of ministering through music is a very intriguing one, because I think that I can speak for the masses in saying that music evokes emotions from people, so why not try and make those emotions evoked turn into betterment of the world? What Petula does for her fans is a very beautiful thing, giving them hope, joy, and happiness through the messages found in her lyrics. Her music itself is great too, she was never formally trained in voice, and so her voice has a great deal of distinction and beauty to it.


Currently Petula is touring around the US for the rest of August, but if you can’t make it to one of her shows, take a listen to her on-air radio Alutep!


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Posted: August 1, 2013
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