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We have quite a few bands who have been around since the early years of Bombplates, sticking with us through the glitches, changes and upgrades that we have gone through to get to the premium quality content we now provide. Luckily, during all this time, Yarn never left our side, and for that, this one is for you guys

Congrats, Yarn! You’re our Bombplate of the Week!



This Brooklyn Based band is hard to beat when it comes to Americana Music. They’ve been around since 2007 making music, seeking to make a sound that they described as “the soundtrack to our lives”.

I truly believe that Yarn is going to make it big. Know why? Because of the dedicated followers that they lovingly call “Yarny”, I mean, seriously, how can you not love a band that gives you an adorable nickname like that? It’s impossible. However, they are smart, nonetheless. So much of an artist’s success is determined by the dedication of their fans, and the Yarny have shown that they are dedicated to their band to the fullest extent. Besides having dedicated followers, the band itself is truly immersed in their craft. They started this project a little over a year ago called Morning Songs. The title basically says it all, but to explain, they made the dedication to write a song start to finish right after they wake up in the morning. Their reasoning behind it is to hone their songwriting skills and develop raw material that isn’t just noise, it’s meaning 

Yarn’s big break was when they performed at SXSW in 2012, giving them more recognition than they had gotten before. Since then they have released a 2-volume album named “Leftovers”, part 1 released in 2011 and part 2 released in 2012.

The guys are currently touring all over and will be until the end of October. Check them out if you get the chance, they’ll never fail to put on a great show.


Congrats again, Yarn!






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Posted: August 8, 2013
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