Campaign Monitor: A Simple kind of Email Marketing

We love being able to spotlight some of our favorite companies and now we get the chance to by proudly announcing our integration with Campaign Monitor!

Here at Bombplates we love being able to offer artists an expansive list of integrations and partnered companies for them to utilize for their careers. Campaign Monitor is one of our oldest integration partners and we think it’s about time we show them some more love for sticking with us!

For those of you who are not familiar with Campaign Monitor, they are an email marketing management company focused on creating the most user-friendly web templates available for email. Their goal is this: to make it easy for anyone to send a beautiful, custom email or newsletter to their audience.

Sounds simple right? For their users, it couldn’t be simpler.


Campaign Monitor came to be because they saw the problem: People were sick and tired of email marketing companies having difficult user interfaces, and couldn’t stand to look at another ugly template. So, they created the solution: they decided to change the game and make their company simple to use. And their templates? Beautiful.

We know that when it comes to Bombplates we have numerous features to choose from, especially when it comes to your Mailing List. Campaign Monitor is great company at an affordable price. Want to learn more about their company? Check them out here!  


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Posted: June 21, 2013
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