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Artists have always been Bombplates' main focus - it's probably easier for me to look around and count who DOESN'T play an instrument than the other way around.

We are nerds and musicians at heart. While some of us are better at interacting with humans than others, collectively we're always looking for ways to combine those mentalities to create great tools for our users.

Being based in Nashville it is only natural that we run into many singer/songwriters.

More often than not these writers are new to Nashville. Transplants from out-of-state hoping to break into the namesake industry of "Music City."

It is common knowledge that many musicians are not the most organized. While this may work for some - labels, publishers, and other gatekeepers respect artists who take pride in their work.

With so many established and up-and-coming writers in the world, we asked ourselves - what could we make to help an artist ptich their work?


Our answer: The Catalog

Catalog_Front  Catalog_Dash


The Catalog was created for an artist to organize, protect, and pitch their work to potential buyers.


By categorizing songs by tempo, genre, and voice, Publishers can search an artist's entire catalog for their next #1 hit.


You can even password protect your catalog to avoid any unintended leaks!



Keep in mind that there are many other creative uses for the catalog!

  • Rough Tracks
  • Band Collaboration (Postal Service anyone?)
  • File Storage
  • Secret hidden backward messages!


If you ever have any questions about how to use your catalog or want some tips and tricks on ways you could use it, give support a shout via Twitter or Facebook!

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Posted: March 27, 2013
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