ICANN Approves New Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) System - .music, .coldplay, & .teletubbies Now Possible

In a recent decision by the ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) we my be inundated by a plethora of new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains). In case you're not one of us funny little web techies in the know - gTLDs are those funny little things at the end of web addresses (.com, .gov, .org, .info, etc.). Up until now there were only a couple dozen, with this decision, the options are virtually endless.

Apparently - some have been fighting for this very thing for awhile now. While many are excited about the prospect of names like .music, .pepsi, & .marryme, for variety of reasons others are not so excited. Some have argued that it could change the way we search on the Internet.

According to ICANN - each new gTLD will undergo an application that includes an evaluation fee of approximately $185,000 with a $5000 (This will count towards the larger application fee of course, OF COURSE!). Once an organization has approval they can sell registrations for domain names based on the new gTLD (ilove.coldplay, drink.pepsi, & pleasedont.marryme, etc.). It's probable that the only people paying the $185,000 will be places like,, and giant corporations like GE. Common folk like us will probably be able to buy domains for a mere $100/year.

However - it's likely that nobody will actually care. ICANN has made several new gTLDs available in the last 10 years or so (.aero .biz .coop .info .museum .name .pro .asia .cat .jobs .mobi .tel .travel & so on) and nobody actually noticed except the large corporations and their lawyers trying to protect their name and domain squatters. It is different this time around as, purportedly, anybody can create anything they can manage to get approval for.

This is obviously relevant to the music business as a whole - it's a real possibility we could see domain names like buyourmusic.coldplay, omg.ladygaga, feellikemakinglove.badcompay, or immaletyoufinishbutbeyoncehazthebestdomainnameofalltime.kanyewest (Is this joke getting old yet?).

While not as catchy - here's to hoping gTLDs are the next twitter...somehow.

So start saving your pennies kids and let me know how the .yourname buying works out.
Check out the special FAQ for more answers if you're interested.

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Posted: June 20, 2011
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