Instagram Feed!

Who doesn't love cat lomography or high-contrast food?

No one.


It's the only way to explain Instagram's immense popularity.



As Instagram has found it's way on to every smartphone owner's device, the idea of social photography has worked like gangbusters.

This has lead many a Bombplates user to request some form of integration with the service. While I am not here to reveal any "official" integration, recent developments from Instagram and other services have opened the doors for some Instagram/Bombplates love.

Last week Instagram announced a new "Web Profile" feature that will allow your friends/fans to view photos outside of their App. All you have to do is navigate to to view your profile. Your fans will be able to favorite, follow, and comment.

To make adding this to your Bombplate a little easier, we will be adding Instagram to the list of available social footer links.


So what if you want to show your feed directly on your Bombplate?

Well, I did a little digging yesterday and found this awesome service -

Snap Widget gives you the ability to embed your Intagram feed anywhere HTML is accepted. (Perfect for our widget system!)


Here are some simple steps for adding this to your Bombplate:

1.) Visit SnapWidget and fill out the form

2.) "Get Code" and copy it

3.) Paste code into a new widget (be sure the input format is HTML). We recommend using the right sidebar for the widget placement - it looks better.

4.) Save


You now have an embedded Insagram feed - keep it PG - or not - I guess it all depends on what you are going for.





p.s. - We are in no way affiliated with SnapWidget. Don't blame us if it stops working!

p.s.s. - This doesn't change our feelings towards an official integration at some point.











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Posted: November 9, 2012
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