Mad Mimi Guest Blog : Use Email Marketing to Increase Engagement with your Fanbase

Email marketing is the natural next step to marketing yourself because it connects you to your fans. Mad Mimi happily integrates with Bombplates to make sending beautiful emails simple for you.


Using Mad Mimi’s straightforward drag-and-drop composer, you can create email newsletters to:


1. Increase Listener Traffic to your Website

Your website has all the information a fan or a booking agent could need. To get more people to visit your site and see the details, engage them with a newsletter with lots of links to your website. They’ll click through and read more. Thoughtful email newsletters drive traffic to your website.


If you’re wondering what kind of content you might share in a newsletter, try sharing the ideas or inspiration behind a song, or your favorite line. Or, chat about a cool interaction you had with another musician or inspiration. Use these as a lead-in to a link to your site.


2. Email Your Blog Posts to Your Signups, Automatically

Rather than waiting on a fan to visit your blog and catch up on old posts, let Mad Mimi send an email for you automatically each time you post. RSS to email is a feature that distributes your most recent blog posts via email newsletter, automatically. There’s no extra effort, you control the content distribution, and RSS feeds mean the word’s out immediately that you’ve posted new content.


Need ideas for blog posts? Posts are always an awesome place for sharing new tracks, album artwork or sharing stories about the last time you were on the road. You can even get creative and let a fan interview you and share your responses.


3. Get More People to Come to Your Shows

Email is universal, so people are always checking it. If you’re doing a show, send an email newsletter to your fan base. You can even use Mad Mimi to segment your list into contacts based on their home city, allowing you to send targeted emails to all your Atlanta contacts to encourage them to come out and see you at your next Atlanta stop. It’s personal, and fans will love hearing from you. Include details or stories about where you’re at in your next album and all upcoming tour dates.


Most Bombplates templates come with a mailing list feature, which means you’re ready to start with email marketing. It takes only a little time and has a huge pay off. Mad Mimi is musician friendly (our CEO and Chief of Culture are musicians!) and keeps things simple. Feel free to email with any questions you might have or check out our blog for other posts about Email Marketing for Musicians.

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Posted: July 22, 2013
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