Terms of Service in Plain English


The actual terms of service are legally binding. This document is not. It's just a simple summary of what the ToS will generally mean to you.

  1. If you use, either as a customer or even as a fan, you agree to be legally-bound to the Terms of Service.
  2. You must be 18 or older to make a Bombplates site. (If you're too young, your parents can sign up your band for you. The important thing is that we can't sell sites to kids without their parents' permission.) 
  3. No spam bots or other hacking allowed! 
  4. If we catch you doing something illegal/stupid, we'll delete your account, and if said illegal/stupid thing costs us money, we'll charge you for it. 
  5. If we have to take down your site for some other reason, we'll try to warn you a month ahead of time at least. 
  6. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address, otherwise we can't help you if something goes awry. 
  7. Make sure that if you upload songs, videos, etc. to your Bombplates site, that you own the copyright. 
  8. You do not own any of the images, code, or anything else that WE make for your site, so don't try to sell them or post them anywhere else. 
  9. You DO own any music, videos, text, or pictures you upload to your Bombplates site, but you give us permission to use them too. (Basically, we'll just use these things to say, "Look how cool this band is! Look how much cooler they are since they have an awesome website!") 
  10. Don't post anything pornographic, illegal, threatening, hateful, or obscene. 
  11. Don't try to steal our code. 
  12. When you buy a Bomplate, you will be charged a recurring monthly hosting fee. Don't forget to pay those! We use a secure third-party billing service to automatically charge your credit card each month. Make sure that you update your billing information if it changes. 
  13. You have to register your own domain name. 
  14. You may hire a designer to help make a custom Bombplates website for you. The artist will do his/her best making your site be exactly what you want, so make sure you communicate what you want really well. 
  15. If your site is finished, and you don't really like something about it, you can ask Bombplates to change it. We can't guarantee that we will be able to, and if we do, we'll have to charge additional design fees. (So make sure that you communicate with your artist and get it right before passing it on to us!) 
  16. We'll do our best to protect your data and keep your site up and running, but if something does go wrong, it's not our responsibility. (In other words, keep local backups of all of your songs and videos just in case.) 
  17. is in Tennessee (United States), so their overarching laws apply to these ToS. 
  18. We won't sell or give away your personal information unless you let us.